Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the three strap styles-replica rolex watches

1. Replica Watches Belt for Jewelry Buckle: The fastening principle is to fix the connection by providing one end of the crochet chain at one end and the other end of the fixing pin at the other end. The advantage is that the texture is fine, the replica rolex of the buckle is small and smooth; it is convenient to wear; the replica watches fastener is strong enough and durable. When the watch is out of control, the weakness is a hook before or after careful monitoring.

2. Advanced strap lock cassette: principle buckle - Cover the box and pin folding plate with elastic hachkovoyi metal plate to maintain the elastic force and fix it. The advantage is that there is a multi-layered hole on both sides of the strap cover for easy adjustment of the length of the strap. Easy to wear, stable and durable buckle, long service life; stability can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the replica watches buckle is wide and the interface is convex, which affects the smooth and beautiful appearance of the clock.

3, take the "double insurance" type "cap" pad: principle and after the style similar to crease 2, the button picks up again and returns to use the feedback button and close contact with the cover, and set the advantages of the convex fake watches shape and the concave hole A straight front corner is provided to prevent random and violent pull of the inside of the belt and the fastening buckle, as well as to ensure a stable buckle; it is convenient to adjust the length of the watch. Its disadvantage is that, in addition to the same two items as above, if the other end of the stripe cap is scratched with a sharp object, it is easy to open the collapse and fake rolex affect the appearance. Fastening is difficult and inconvenient to use.