Sapphire Cup began to be used for replica watches

The replica watch lens is a very important part, mainly used for steam and dust protection clock pin insulation, dial and movement. But you know, when the clock was just invented, the glasses didn't, except for the cover? After that, the replica watches begins to use silicate glass such as an hourglass, while the fake rolex natural crystal is used to grind the mirror clock.

After the 1970s, the sapphire cup began to be used in replica watches. Although glass mirrors, which use clocks, are usually divided into three categories: acrylic, total mineral glass and sapphire crystals, each with good properties. The pressure of the pressure lens is softer, the higher the ductility, the scratch is easy, the easy to take, and easy to polish;

Usually, the mineral glass mirror is wider, which is easily available, but it is the middle part of the hardness. Crystal glass Sapfirynu involves a wide range of transparent glass used in large fires, so it is very high hardness, resistance to wear and tear, so it is very good, so it is loved by world famous brands. Many sapphire crystal mirrors, with a multi-layer film double of Plast's anti-glare fake rolexfunction, to avoid any light refraction, for example, a hundred special algorithms for bilateral multi-layer sapphire crystals that can scatter light, especially in Direct sunlight and high-definition replica rolex playback allow users to clearly read in the sun, against damage. The coated lens has the effect of reflecting reflection. Less reflected light, very good natural transmission, and a transmission of 99%.

How do I know if the mirror is covered? The easiest way to tell us - a tilting mirror that makes the effect of the interference film make him in color (as in the case of glasses).

Buy a replica rolex watch and hear the clock for the fake clock sapphire lens. You can feel that this replica watch is very high and will definitely rise. But in reality, sapphire, used in watches, inexpensive natural sapphires, and real artificial sapphires. Let's talk about how to make sapphire.