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Why choose a smart watch

While manufacturers are constantly introducing new models, they have not found any "wonderful" apps or apps that make smart watches indispensable. We have Rolex replica listed the pros and cons:


You don't have to take your smartphone out of your bag or pocket to see who is calling or sending a message. Usually you need your phone to answer.

With sensors on your skin, you can measure various health values such as your exercise and heart rate.

You have many useful options, such as paying by placing your watch on a needle device, turning on the lights in your home, and starting the car.


You need to charge your apple smart watch more often than replica rolex an activity tracker or sports watch, usually several times a week. For example, if you want to measure your sleep, it will be very convenient.

You often need a separate extra charger.

It is very expensive. A new Huawei smart watch can easily cost 200 euros. A behavioral tracking, simple pedometer or sports watch can be a cheaper alternative.

How does a smart watch work?

Smart watches require a smartphone. The first time you connect your smartphone and smart watch to each other via Bluetooth or NFC. Install the appropriate smartwatch app on your smartphone, such as Android Wear or Watch (from Apple). After that, the phone and the watch are synchronized with each other.


Often, you can also find apps that you can put on your smartwatch from the smartwatch app on your phone. Consider a game or sports app. In addition to the Apple Watch, the number of related apps from other operating systems (Android Wear, Tizen (from Samsung)) is a bit disappointing.


For many applications, Best smartwatch and smartphones must be tightly coupled. After all, they must be connected to each other via Bluetooth. If you are too far away from your phone, you will not receive missed calls on your smart watch. Unless they can also connect to each other via WiFi.